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Professionally hitching since 2008

I'm a wife, mumma to 3 kids and 2 dogs, and a lover of love - cliché but true! I'm a true down-south local and have been hitching cool couples in the southwest and beyond since 2008. 

I love to have fun, indulge in a cheeky bubbles, am a born talker and a big fan of a microphone.

Let's talk weddings - it will come as no surprise that I think the ceremony is the best part of the day! A wedding ceremony is an intimate moment in your life when you share your feelings, thoughts, hopes and dreams in front of your most treasured family and friends. Writing and delivering heartfelt, meaningful, unique ceremonies, that are a true reflection of you and your LOVE is my passion.

So lets chat, get to know one another, see if we vibe!

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